Are there any ways that I can improve the performance of my playstation? I have litterally tried all day to see if I could do this, but the task was simply impossible, and I have done so many things to try and make it work, but the thing is that it simply just doesn't seem to work whatever I do. I have tried to use Ps4 themes portal but their product just aren't increasing the performance speed ps4 themes download free and ratios for my playstation. Can someone help me?

For one week only, Bundle Stars is supplying up a collection of classic titles featuring 3 games from Sid Meier for only $3.49.

Called The Pioneer Bundle, it includes eight games at 94% off the standard value.

Sid Meier's Colonization (Classic)

Sid Meier's Covert Action (Classic)

Sid Meier's Pirates! Gold Plus (Classic)

B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th

Silent Service


Command HQ

Across the Rhine

When bought, the games are redeemable via Steam.

Here's what you get:

Hit up the link for a lot more details or to buy these classic titles in bundle kind.

All games run on Linux, Mac and Computer save for B-17 which is a Windows only title and Dragonsphere which is not Mac compatible.

Did This OSU Fan Get Caught On Live Television With Her Sidepiece?

on Jezebel

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Two Low-priced Selections For Charging Up On Your Subsequent Road Trip

That's Not OSU Sidepiece Girl's Sidepiece It's Her Mainpiece

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Neill Blomkamp's Secret Alien Film Appears So Fantastic We're Furious

on io9

$9 Accutire Gauge, Two Wiper Blades for $22, and Much more Deals

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Did This OSU Fan Get Caught On Live TV With Her Sidepiece?

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$9 Accutire Gauge, Two Wiper Blades for $22, and More Deals

The Best New Year's Day Deals

-- Kinja Deals (@KinjaDeals) January 1, 2015


Amazon's offering a one-day sale on space-effective exercise gear to aid you keep your new year's resolution

Amazon's back with an additional insane bundle of absolutely free Android apps and games, which includes Thomas Was Alone, Riptide GP2, Republique, Monopoly, and a lot far more. [Totally free 33 Premium Android Apps]

The Xbox One is going to jump back up to $400 fairly soon, so this is almost certainly the finest deal you'll see on it for awhile, possibly until subsequent Black Friday. [ Xbox One Assassin's Creed Bundle + Further Controller + 12 Months of Xbox Reside Gold, $350]

$130 for a 3DS XL shatters any Black Friday prices we saw. [ 3DS XL, $130]

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The Best New Year's Day Deals

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The Best New Year's Day Deals

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The Best New Year's Day Deals

-- Kinja Offers (@KinjaDeals) June 9, 2014


Yesterday in Japan at Joyopolis, Sonic Group announced a game called Sonic Runners that is coming to smartphones in January 2015. That is pretty substantially all we know. That signifies it is time to speculate as to what this could be! The final couple original Sonic mobile games, Sonic Jump Fever [Totally free] and Sonic Dash [Free of charge] had been produced by Hardlight, and not Sonic Team. Hardlight's games are not negative, but I'm genuinely interested to see what Sonic Team could do. That is far from a guarantee of top quality, but it's certainly intriguing to see what Sonic Team could do with a Sonic mobile runner.

The possibilities from there are expansive. Would they attempt a further Temple Run style runner like Sonic Dash? Or would they finally make the 2D side-scrolling Sonic runner that the universe has been clamoring for?

If you never ever played Sonic the Sketchhog in the 20th Anniversary app that released a few years back, you missed out. It's just this immensely charming endless runner, albeit a uncomplicated 1, exactly where you get points by bopping enemies, and gather rings to remain alive when you take damage. All the graphics are sketch drawings. It is just adorable and charming in a way modern Sonic games are not. It was a one particular-off, but a very promising a single! I would adore to see a larger take on it. Especially if it featured classic zones to run via. Contemporary Sonic games are at their greatest when they hew as close as probable to the classics.

Sonic Runners

I also wouldn't thoughts an auto-operating platformer like what Super Meat Boy Forever will be. I believe the hidden strength of Sonic is that the levels are multi-layered and ripe for exploration, but you could do a lot of clever points with a level-primarily based auto-runner. Of course, this is all speculation and it could just be a Sonic Dash sequel, or a Japan-only game, or any number of things that could eventually raise our hopes and then dash them expertly. But hey, offered how Sonic in the 21st century has been generally disappointing, all we can do is hope, even if it really is hopeless!

Sonic the Sketchhog

Sonic Runners

Sonic the Sketchhog



Clearly we are not savages. We feel a modest pang of pity for those 77 million PlayStation Network customers about to locate their credit card and password details up on The Pirate Bay in a handy multi-part RAR file...

...but that smaller, annoying pang of humanity is simply eclipsed by the Enormous FEELINGS OF JOY that come from seeing Sony's currently damaged reputation SPREAD TO THE 4 WINDS across ALL MEDIA OUTLETS. Even the ones for women.

Anyway. That's it. Just had a couple of capital letters building up and it was either place them up right here or get started shouting at the wife. Carry on with your lives.


We can not sit idly by and watch the greatest PR disaster of our time unfold with no passing comment. We have for that reason acquired Unique DISPENSATION for a one-off commemorative update celebrating Sony's latest international crisis.

By this point the PS2 was in complete world-conquering flight and it was clear that the Dreamcast's days were numbered, despite the fact that we'd all enjoyed them like we would no other individuals.

Insisted, Pleaded, Begged and Cajoled.

Ignored, they consoled themselves with a job well accomplished and watched their child get steamrollered. In their minds there was no doubt. DVD had been the future and Sega had ignored it and how the opposition had been riding that mass adoption wave to the history books. What could have been if Sega had listened? We can but Dream.

We spent an awful lot of time admiring the intro animation.

One particular Memory Clings.

A lot of years have passed considering that my campus days. In the halcyon days of university before New Labour and Neo Conservatism stuffed it all up, some staff from PowerVR came to my university to speak to the newly graduated.

So my days on campus ended, markets and towers crashed, the sun set on Sega and the Blue Skies faded away.

The designers present mourned the early passing of their greatest triumph.


They had been, at the time, incredibly proud of their operate on the graphics processor in the Dreamcast. They had even brought 1 with them and a plasma screen to demo it on. We all took turns at playing Soul Calibur.

What Should really Have Been.

As the Dust Settles Forever.

What Could Have Been.

Daishi said:

June 14th, 2011 on 4:58 pm

An engineer laments that their Sega counterparts ignored their pleas to include things like a DVD drive instead of the proprietary GD-ROM format.


Ladies and Gentleman, I give you:

This is how it always ends?

A presentation was provided on the organization, followed by drinks, nibbles and chatting.

It really is that time of year exactly where we reflect on all the games released in 2014 and pick out our private favorites of the bunch. To be truthful, I hate doing this. Each year there are so several excellent games released on iOS that is it's practically not possible to whittle it down to just ten. Heck, it would be difficult to whittle it down to fifty. At the exact same time, it really is good to have to really hunker down and put some serious believed into what had been the actual standouts this year. So hunker and whittle I did, and when all was mentioned and completed I ended up with eleven picks. It really is supposed to be ten, but I'm going all punk rock this year and choosing eleven, rules be damned! Also know that to steer clear of redundancy, I omitted a couple of picks from this list since they already seem on our Most effective Games of 2014 list or our Game of the Year post. There are so lots of other games I wished I could have incorporated, and just because a particular game may not be on this list it does not imply I did not love the heck out of it. Without further ado, here's my list of the finest ten eleven games of 2014.

Pumped BMX two, $2.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Side-scrolling bike tricking games are a dime a dozen on the App Retailer, but Pumped BMX 2 is not your normal fare. A actually one of a kind control system enables for a wide range of tricks, giving the game and practically Tony Hawk's Pro Skater feel as you pull off complex combinations. It requires a bit of practice to get everything dialed, but as soon as you do every single level feels like a playground exactly where you are consistently trying to throw down the biggest and craziest line of tricks that come to your thoughts.

Bloo Kid two, Free - [Evaluation] - [Forum Thread] - Platformers are probably my preferred genre, and there are tons of great ones on iOS in all shapes and sizes. But if you are crazing that classic, Mario-style platforming encounter, Bloo Kid two does it just about superior than everyone else. The operating, the jumping, the bopping enemies on their heads. Anything just "feels" ideal. It's got a ton of challenging levels, each and every with several targets making Bloo Kid two a game that's fun to play, replay and ideal.

Sunburn!, $two.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Sunburn! is a game that is straight up macabre. The complete premise is that you're stranded in space and the only choice other than a horrifying death by suffocation is to fling oneself into the sun just to get that whole dying issue over speedily. You created a pact with your crew that no one dies alone, so you'll require to collect up your buddies before committing group suicide collectively. How beautiful. The funny issue is absolutely everyone is surprisingly upbeat regardless of the situations, cracking funny small quips just as they are about to incinerate into absolutely nothing. This dark endeavor is achieved by way of increasingly difficult and clever gravity-primarily based puzzling, which tends to make playing a hand in the death of all these poor astronauts a highly satisfying expertise. Come back Porkbun!

Doug dug., $1.99 - [Critique] - [Forum Thread] - There are tons of crafting-style games where digging down into the earth and exploring is a main part of the expertise. Doug Dug isn't a crafting game but it does feature digging (duh), and as you dig and explore you are under constant threat of the planet above collapsing on you at any moment. Not to mention creepy crawlies, dynamite, and any number of other hazards that can end you in the blink of an eye. But there's also treasures buried everywhere, and the heart of Doug Dug is all about tempting death by going for that shiny payoff. Death generally wins, but each journey underground is filled with tension and excitement, which is why I am always coming back for more.

Glorkian Warrior: Trials Of Glork, $two.99 - [Critique] - [Forum Thread] - A single of my all-time favourite games is Galaga, and Trials of Glork pays respect to that classic with out just being some boring rehash. The way enemies swoop in in waves, and how you as the Glorkian Warrior shoot up at them from the ground is super Galaga-y, but you also have the capability to to run and jump, and the addition of ground enemies throws a wrinkle in the formula. Combined with the astounding art and humor of James Kochalka, Trials of Glork is a game that puts a smile on my face every damn time and it is some thing that I will in no way get tired of playing.

Hail to the King: Deathbat, $.99 - [Critique] - [Forum Thread] - This was definitely one particular of the most divisive releases of the year. You either loved it or you hated it, with pretty small middle ground. Clearly I loved it, and it is tough to express precisely why. The awesome art style, the kick-ass soundtrack, the gameplay... anything about this game just pushes all the appropriate buttons for me. You can inform it's a game created by gamers, and it is a throwback to an era when games weren't all about flash and features and were just fun for the sake of getting entertaining.

Sky Force 2014, Cost-free - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - I was a substantial fan of the original Sky Force which graced mobile devices more than ten years ago, ahead of the iPhone was even on the scene. It's constantly scary when some thing you like gets a modern remake, but in the case of Sky Force 2014 it came out better than I could have dreamed. The game has been provided a stunning makeover in the graphics department, and with an in depth upgrade method and a number of goals and troubles for every single of its stages, this is a game that is had me hooked given that the moment it released.

KeroBlaster, $4.99 - [Critique] - [Forum Thread] - Creating a regular platformer that uses virtual buttons can be challenging enough, but make it an action platformer with multi-directional shooting and you happen to be just asking for trouble. KeroBlaster manages to pull it off brilliantly with a seriously ingenious control system. That is not all though, as the level designs, characters and story are also best-notch, creating this one particular of the most entertaining and charming action platformers about.

Daddy Extended Legs, Absolutely free - [Release Post] - [Forum Thread] - I've typically thought that as humans the ability to walk upright is absolutely nothing quick of a miracle that we take for granted every day. It's a delicate combination of balance, shifting weight and a number of moving parts that we discover from a incredibly young age to do with out even pondering about it. Daddy Extended Legs is simply a game about walking, and it puts how tricky a activity it really is into context. In particular considering that you're a furry cube issue with beanstalks for legs. But after you start out to have an understanding of the movement and mechanics, it is an absolute thrill performing a thing as mundane as walking 50 meters.

Only One, No cost - [Evaluation] - [Forum Thread] - Only One is a wave-based arena brawler, and on the surface it appears quite simplistic. But a lot like Wayward Souls, the combat is much deeper than it appears and is hugely skill-based. It requires a lot of practice to find out all the different enemy kinds and what your hero is capable of carrying out, but as you practice and get improved it's definitely an extremely satisfying expertise. The enemies in particular are varied and exciting, and combined with a character progression method and tons of cool skills Only A single is a game that is always entertaining to play whether or not it's for 5 minutes or five hours.

Dudeski, $1.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - I loved playing that old SkiFree game on Computer back in the day, and Dudeski is a killer homage to it. The slaloming is quickly and the controls respond perfectly producing it feel awesome to dodge, weave and jump more than the lots of hazards of the slopes. I also like the progression method, which gives you the ability to replay the different sections of the mountain at any time after you've unlocked them by reaching them once, but if you want to compete for a higher score you have to have to beat them all in one go, producing it from the really top of the mountain down to the bottom in 1 epic run.

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